“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Psalm 119:105

Choices. We all make choices. What to wear. What to eat and drink. What to watch and read. Every day we are faced with making many, many choices. And perhaps the hardest daily choice we will make is which path to choose.

Each day we make a choice on which path of life to walk. As the Bible points out in Matthew 7:13-14 there are but two paths upon which we can journey. One path is the way that leads to self-fulfillment, a way that is built upon our own desires, dreams, and wants, and many choose this path. The other path is one built on God’s desires, dreams, and wants, a path that is, according to today’s verse, lit by the very Word of God.

God has given us His Word as a guide for our lives. This means that we do not need to live lost and alone as God Himself journeys with us and has given us His Word for every occasion and situation we may face. Earlier in Psalm 119:11 the psalmist declares that he has hidden God’s Word in his heart. Why? Because he desires to live a pure life and walk blamelessly before the Lord. Not only this, but the psalmist also knows that by walking God’s way he will experience God’s kindness and mercy, and that God Himself will teach and provide for all his needs in his journey of life.

Those who choose the path of self often discover that ultimately this is a meaningless and lonely way that is filled with many dead ends and much uncertainty. Conversely, those who choose God’s way discover that their days are meaningful and filled with purpose and that God’s way is certain. We may not know right away where the path of God leads. But don’t lose heart as we can rest assured that God knows the way. He has promised to light the path before us by His own Word. Isn’t this a wonderful truth to take hold of today… and every day!