Summer potlucks and BBQs can be a great way to connect with family and friends. It’s also a great way to make new friends. Do you have a neighbor you haven’t become acquainted with yet? Or do you know of an elderly person who lives nearby who doesn’t get out much? 

We all need to connect with other people. It is human nature to not want to be alone. And there have been scientific reports concluding that those who have a supportive social network can have better health, and may live longer.

Sharing a meal with other people in a fun and friendly setting promotes conversation and interaction. If you do not have room at your home to host a gathering, then you can always invite people to join you for a potluck at a local public park or beach. With everyone bringing a plate of goodies to share it shouldn’t take much effort to organize. 

If you’re unsure of what to make, then don’t worry as we have plenty of recipes right here on our website that would be great for a potluck. We all love eating, however the main focus should not be the food but the time spent with others. Games are always a fun way to spice up any party! 

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Games 

An image of pineapples having a party

If you have a lot of guests then split them into teams and allocate points for each game won. It’s also good to have a whistle handy for starting games off. Having a couple pieces of long rope or a few jump ropes handy will help mark out start and finish lines for the games. Here are some outdoor party game ideas that will get everyone interacting and enjoying themselves. 

The Watermelon Roll 

Have a few of your guests bring a watermelon to the potluck. Split your guests into teams, and give each one of them a watermelon. If you have a lot of guests this can be a relay race. Have all team members line up at the starting line, and place another line or marker 20 feet away. 

When the whistle blows each team member takes a turn rolling the watermelon from the starting line, around the marker, and back to the starting line again. Then the next team member goes, and so on, until the final team member crosses the finish line. The winning team gets the points, and everyone gets to share the watermelon for dessert. 

Watermelon Eating Contest 

An image of a girl eating watermelon

Get one volunteer from each team and sit them at a table. Put an equal portion of sliced watermelon in front of each person. Time them for 2 minutes and whoever eats the most or finishes their plate first wins. 

A variation on this is a dairy-free ice-cream eating contests, where you tie the contestants hands behind their back and see who can be first to eat a plate of ice-cream in 60 seconds or less. 

I Want My Mummy! 

Give each team a roll of toilet paper and time them for 3 minutes as they wrap one of their team members up like a mummy at the starting line. Then see who can walk the furthest without their wrappings coming undone. 

Hula Hoop Hijinks 

There are lots of simple games that can be played with a few hula hoops. 

♥  Hoop Roll: how far can each team roll them.
♥  Hula Hips: who can hula the longest.
♥  Hula Hoop Toss: which team can get their hula hoop over the object first. An upside down bucket, or sand filled plastic bottle work great as “the object”.
♥  Pass The Hoop: have each team member link hands to form a chain. The first team to get the hoop from one end to the other without letting go of their teammates hands is the winner. If they let go then the hoop has to go back to the start.
♥  How Many Hoops: who can hula the most hoops for 10 seconds. 

Water Gun Tag 

An image of a child using a water gun outside

Mark out two end zones up to 100 feet apart. Have the teams gather at one of the end zones. Then choose one person from each team to use a water gun. They should stand in the middle of the play zone, between the two end zones, with a bucket of water so that they can refill their water gun. 

At the blow of the whistle the rest of the team members have to run from one end zone to the other without being hit by the water. As the last person reaches an end zone, blow the whistle to start the next round. The last person to be tagged with water wins the points for their team. If you run out of water before all people are tagged, then those remaining score points for their team. 

If you don’t have some already, you can purchase water guns at most dollar or discount stores. Many parks have a tap where you can fill up a bucket, and at the beach you can just use sea water. 

What Did I Just Eat!? 

One volunteer from each team sits at a table and is blindfolded. Place several different food items in front of them one at a time. The first one to guess the food that they are eating wins a point for their team. Please make sure that the contestants don’t have any food allergies. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Most people carry cell phones or digital cameras on them. Before the party, make a list of things that people will be able to find at the location you are having the potluck. Hand a copy of this list to each team and tell them that the first team to photograph all of the items on the scavenger hunt list wins. 

This summer why not take the time to connect with others, eat, laugh, and make some new friends and memories!