You may be wondering, “What exactly is a mono meal?” Have you ever eaten just a banana or a bowl of fresh berries for breakfast? If your answer is “yes”, then you’ve eaten a mono-meal. In this blog we’re going to look at some of the benefits of eating a mono meal.

A mono-meal consists of just one food item. For example, it could be eating one of the following; watermelon, edamame, a couple of bananas, a plate of steamed broccoli, a bowl of plain quinoa, and the list goes on.

Now let’s explore several of the benefits of eating a mono-meal.

Give Your Digestive System Rest

The way we eat doesn’t always make sense. Combining starches, proteins, fats and sugars in one meal can create a burden on our digestive system, which often shows up as discomfort, indigestion, nausea, gas and other digestive issues.

The benefits of mono meals are mainly to do with digestive health. They remove the burden of your digestive system having to differentiate from an array of macro and micronutrients, which all require different digestive enzymes and are processed differently within the body.

Mono meals can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort including common ailments such as stomach ache, gas, indigestion, and bloating.

Save Time & Money

Who doesn’t like saving time and money? When you choose to eat a mono-meal, there will be minimal preparation involved. Maybe you’ll have to do some food prep, but beyond that there is little to do other than eating the food. This significantly reduces the time spent in the kitchen, giving you ample time to do other things.

If you are experiencing any amount of stress at meal times, it can negatively impact digestion. Eating an occasional mono-meal can eliminate the stress that comes with meal planning and preparation.

In addition to time, money is also saved when you eat a mono-meal. Think about all of the ingredients that normally go into a meal. By consuming only one type of food you will find that the cost of your meal will be significantly lower than an average meal that contains multiple ingredients.

Eat Healthier Foods

Whole food plant-based mono meals give us a chance to cut out processed foods with additives, preservatives, and other things that negatively impact our health.

When we take a break from complex meals and instead eat whole plant foods, our digestive and detox organs are given a chance to rest and repair. You might find that when you go back to eating as usual you digest your food better and have more energy.

Uncover Food Intolerances

Mono meals can have the added benefit of helping you to identify any possible food intolerances. If you suspect a food intolerance, you can test your theory by eliminating the problem food from your diet for four weeks, and then consume that food as a mono meal and record how you feel after eating it. To keep track of the foods you are eating, you can use our free Diet & Lifestyle Tracker, a 5-day journal to track your diet and health.

Take a Break

Mono meals can be a good way to give your body some well-deserved rest and relaxation when it comes to digestion and allow you to take a break from being in the kitchen. However, the body requires a wide variety of nutrients to support its many functions. Therefore, we don’t recommend eating mono meals on a regular basis.

On the other hand mono snacking, which could include a piece of fresh fruit, chopped vegetable, or a handful of nuts, can be a quick and easy way to keep your energy levels up throughout the day and can be done on a regular basis.

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