There are many TV shows, websites, blogs, and YouTube channels devoted to health. And while most of them are primarily focused on physical health (some including mental health) the question begging to be asked is, “what about spiritual health?”

The inner person. The power of prayer and praise. And what about the most basic of all spiritual health concerns, our connection to God? All this and more are vitally important for us as human beings and yet it would seem that most of the time, we forsake this area of our lives in favor of feeling and looking better. And while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel and look better, spiritual health can help us be better.

Making Time

Making time for your spiritual health is as important, if not more so, as making time for our physical and mental health. We may take long walks or go to the gym to exercise our muscles. We may read or do crossword puzzles to exercise our mental muscles. But what about our spiritual muscles, how are we developing and using those?

Is it enough to simply have a spiritual life and do nothing with it? We all have physical bodies, but what happens if we did nothing with the flesh we live in? The bottom line is our bodies would sooner or later fail to work optimally. And the same can be said of our spiritual lives.

The truth is, we are all physical, mental, and spiritual beings. As such we need to look after our entire beings, not just one or two parts, but all of them. Without our bodies we cease to be. Without our mind, will and emotions, we cease to feel and think. And without our spirituality we cease to connect with God.

So how can we ensure that we make time for our spiritual health? Below are a few suggestions; I hope they help as you endeavor to connect with One who has overcome!

Read God’s Word

An image of a woman turning the page of a Bible

Just as weights will strengthen our muscles and books will exercise our brains, God’s Word will guide us into exercising our spiritual muscles. None of us just go into a gym, find a new piece of equipment and simply go for it… if you do you might injure yourself.

Instead we might begin by reading instructions or asking someone how the piece of equipment works before using it. The same is true of God’s Word. Often referred to as “life’s instruction manual,” God’s Word will help us understand what it is to be human (as God intended) while living as a child of God.

Set Aside Time

Perhaps the best way to grow in your spiritual health is to set a specific time each day to have a quiet time before God. This time can be used to study His word, pray, praise, or just meditate on how wonderful God is.

Early to Rise

In amongst the business of life, it can be hard to set aside time to spend with the Creator. Some find that by getting up a little earlier each morning, they can begin their day focusing on the One who sustains and empowers.

We all have stresses and worries each day. By beginning our day focused on God and His ways, we can continue to focus and draw on His strength and wisdom to get us through the day.

Make Time For Prayer

An image of a man praying on his knees on a beach

There are little to no scientific facts to back it up, but there is something amazing that happens when people pray. Make time each day for personal, family, and corporate prayer, and it’s quite possible that you will begin to see the floodgates of Heaven open and pour out blessing upon blessing.

That doesn’t mean things will always go the way we want them to; the hard truth is that sometimes life just plain sucks.  But by allowing God into our lives means we are giving Him room to move in and through us whatever the situation or circumstance.

Find a Spiritual Community

Often we think of community as being something that brings us happiness and piece of mind. And while this is true, community can be so much more.

Seeking out a good spiritual family is important. We will hopefully get spiritual support when we have need of it, as-well-as offer it ourselves when others need it. A spiritual community can offer us interaction with like-minded people through prayer, social gatherings, potlucks, help and study groups, special meetings, and so on.

Turn Off the Noise

Perhaps the easiest way for you to spend time building and cultivating your spiritual health is to simply stop and turn off all distractions.

TV, social media, cellphones, radios, and so on can all distract us from what’s truly important. Let’s face it, in eternity we’re not really going to care who won America’s Got Talent or who ate what for dinner.

Start Journaling

An image of a woman sitting on a bed holding a drink, with a journal a bible and a camera

A lot of people find spending time with God in prayer hard. They close eyes, clasp hands, and really go for it. But try as they might they cannot seem to control their wandering minds and end up thinking about what’s for dinner. Journaling can help us focus as we write down our feelings, ideas, and thoughts, as well as our blessings.

Here are some ideas for different types of journaling;

  • Life journal – This type of journal is as it sounds, you simply write down what happened in your day/life. This can help if you’re struggling with something or someone, as this type of journaling can sometimes help us get some perspective on issues.
  • Dream journal – Do you dream vivid dreams? Then perhaps you would enjoy writing down these dreams in a journal. I have done this on numerous occasions and it’s interesting to look back from time to time to see if any of these dreams were just the wild imaginings of our tired minds or if they had any actual bearing on reality – some believe wholeheartedly that God can and does speak to us through our dreams to teach, inform, and even warn us.
  • Prayer journal – This type of journal can simply be a list of prayers you prayed and the outcomes/answers to these prayers. Or you can be as detailed as you like. I know some people actually write down their full prayers as it helps them to really focus on that which they are praying about.
  • Blessing journal – How has God blessed you. Counting our blessings can be an extremely rewarding experience. Maybe journaling our blessings could be included in our prayer journals, or maybe you would like to keep a separate journal for this.
  • Bible journal – Reading the Word means that from time to time you will feel God speak to you through it. If this happens then maybe write down what God is saying to you. You could also use this type of journal for study purposes too.
  • Meditation journal – Meditating on life and God is important. To allow God into our lives as we spend time thinking through our lives and His Word is to allow Him the room to speak to us. And when He does speak, perhaps write down His utterings in a journal.
Take Time For Your Spiritual Life

There are many ways to make time for our spiritual lives. I hope that this article will help you see that it’s important that we make the time for our spirituality, and there are many ways to accomplish this.